Purpose: To prepare all employees to work safely in or around areas where overhead lifting is occurring.
Training Length: ~30 min.
Prerequisites: None.
Training Objectives:

  • RA-01: Familiarize employees with common rigging equipment and procedures.
  • RA-02: Familiarize workers with basic rigging safety precautions.
  • RA-03: Familiarize workers with basic rigging vocabulary.
  • RA-04: Familiarize workers with basic emergency and abnormal condition responses.
Train the Trainer

Our Train the Trainer course will give you all the information you need to teach the Rigging Awareness and Basic Rigging courses. Included in the package is:

  • A 4 hour seminar including a review of the rigging topics covered (1 hr) and effective training techniques for trainers (3 hrs)
  • The training materials package for both courses at a significant discount
  • Certification by Innovative Training Solutions as a Basic Rigging Instructor
Training Materials

When you want to run your own training programs, we can provide you with all the materials you'll need. Included in our training package is:

  • Instructor Guide
  • Student Handouts
  • Power Point Presentation
  • Exam Bank
  • Completion Certificates
On Line Training

Our online training package, "Hoisting and Rigging", provides a thorough introduction to all rigging safety precautions, enabling your employees to safely work around rigging operations.

The link below will take you to our online training center. Follow the simple registration procedure and in minutes you'll be training.



In nearly every production environment, there are heavy loads to be moved, and it is the job of the riggers to make sure that those loads are safely connected to the lifting device, whether it is a hoist, a crane, or below the forks of a fork lift.

Rigging and weight handling are topics covered by multiple standards from many agencies, including ASME, ANSI, and OSHA. Determining the required level of training can be complicated.

ITS has several levels of rigging training to address your needs. Each of the courses shown to the left include all of the information needed to teach your employees how to rig loads safely and effectively. Each course is designed to build upon knowledge established in the previous course, although they can be taken independently if you have experienced riggers you would like to have certified. Just contact us and we'll let you know what information we'll need in order to allow the employee to take the advaced courses.

Our curriculum is based on James Headley's Book, Rigging, published by the Crane Institute of America. Each student who completes the Certified Rigger or Advanced Rigger course will get a copy of this invaluable manual.